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Russell Thornton 
A resident of northern New Mexico for over 25 years,  I have been a Professional Chef most of my life, and always an artist. My art reflects my life living in the Southwest as well as the influence of the great illustrators of fantasy and adventure periodicals, books, comics, and movie posters of yesteryear. 
I grew up reading and being read to. As a kid, folktales and fairy tales filled my imagination and still do.  I like to combine the natural lines, light, color and unique culture of the "Land of Enchantment" along with the idea of mystery, fantasy, and whimsy usually associated with more European roots.  My medium is pen & ink on paper, which I typically scan and color using digital painting techniques to produce commissions, prints, cards, posters, newspaper comics, magazine illustrations, and more. 
I hope you enjoy this mashup of the improbable, personal, and unlikely mix that is the evolving world I call the Camino Unreal. 

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