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Since 2016 I have been involved with creating images of Santa Fe's iconic burning "Old Man Gloom." This unique ritual has been celebrated by locals and visitors alike at the end of summer for almost a century and I guarantee you've never seen anything like it! Click on the link for information on the history and more! 

Official Zozobra Image 2016
Zozobra 16  8 x 10.jpg
Chile-roasting Zozobra 2017
Zozobra, Chile, Old Man Gloom, Russell Thornton, Chile Roasting

This is the original image submitted for the official 2016 poster depicting the 1940's theme. 

Zozo Rider 2a lo res.jpg

My take on Easy Rider for the 60's themed Zozobra of 2018. 

Zozobra roasting chiles - two iconic images designed for Zozofest 2017. Available now for your wall, signed by the artist. 

Led Zozobra Instagram.jpg

Led Zeppelin #1 album art mash-up also for the 1960's themed Zozofest of 2018. 

Zozo claus card front only.jpg

Old Man Gloom making the rounds on Christmas Eve. A cartoon for the Zozobra FB page and greeting cards.  

Discozobra Square FlatPlus Final 7-31 sm

     70's themed Disco Zozo for 2019.

                 Burn, Baby, Burn! 

Aline Zozo flat front only.jpg

Aliens running in fear from this craziness we know as the Burning of Zozobra. Available as greeting cards.

Punk Zozo 300DPI.png

Punk Zozo, celebrating the 70's for Zozofest 2019. We mean it, Man! 

ZOZO 2020 No 4 Flat Mid Res.png

ZOZO 2020

My Zozo 2020 poster celebrates the triumph of the Fire Dancer over Mr. Cranky Pants, Old Man Gloom. 

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